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Be faithful to your teacher: Learn the truth through practice of duty, loyalty, and affection.

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durangoflying new


My grandson Anakin is 3 ½ years old. I enrolled him in karate not only for defense but for self-control. In watching Mrs. Blaauw teach the class I am very impressed with not only the physical traits, but with the mental training. Also, Anakin has learned to count in Korean as well as learning karate. Mrs. Blaauw is very good with the little ones. I believe this will be a great experience for my grandson.

Jess Roberts

Our daughter Annika has been attending Kinder Karate for three years now. She loves Mrs. Blaauw and we as parents love the fact that she is not only learning self-defense but discipline and self-esteem as well. Annika is bilingual and we like the idea of her being introduced to a third language, learning her numbers and some terms in Korean means a lot to her and makes her feel important. Annika has enjoyed her 3 years in Kinder Karate and is very excited hat she will soon move up to regular kids class.

Carlos and Christine Chinchilla.

My name is “G” and I have been brining my granddaughter for about 3 months, which has been an AWESOME experience. They have taught her to be disciplined, focused, and listen. I think every child should come at least one set of classes—A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE IN EVERY WAY! Thanks!